The miracle of Saint Charbel with a pregnant woman whose fetus died in her womb

تكلم معه وهو على فراش الموت ... مار شربل يلبّي النداء 4 مرات في أعاجيب متتالية مع مغترب لبناني

Father Louis Matar, the curator of Saint Maron Monastery – Annaya, who is responsible for documenting the wonders of Saint Charbel in the monastery, revealed, in a previous radio interview, about a miracle of a pregnant woman from Tyre Lebanon.
The result of the audio image showed that the fetus had died in her womb for 3 weeks but she refused to stay in the hospital and undergo an abortion,” explaining that “the woman put the image of Saint Charbel on her stomach and prayed for three days. After that, she went to another doctor and underwent an ultrasound where he assured her that the fetus was in good health.
Then she showed him the previous picture and pointed out that Saint Charbel performed his miracle with her.

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